‘Richest Reefs – Indonesia’ an extraordinary inventory of the world's most beautiful heritage



In the last 15 years, Michael AW has made 50 photographic trips to Indonesia; ‘Richest Reef - Indonesia’ is a chronicle of his best underwater images from the heartland of bio-diversity – the richest in the world. Leading biologists in the world agree that the reefs of Indonesia have the greatest concentration of corals and fishes. Biologically, it is Planet Earth's Richest Reefs. 


Richest Reef is illustrated by some of the most beautiful images of the sea, showing off the richest reefs of the Indonesian Archipelago; there are old images, new images and many award winning ones from Bunaken, Lembeh Strait, Togeans, Bali, Komodo Alor, Tukang Besi and the most recent wonder, Raja Ampat, Papua, rated by leading marine scientists as the most valuable cluster of reefs in the world


The story for each section reads like a diary of Michael’s photographic sojourn, celebrating the richness of the reefs, his concern for its preservation and sustainable development.  An excerpt from the foreword of Dr Carden Wallace testifies to the beauty ‘Richest Reefs’- “In this book Michael distils what has made diving and photographing throughout Indonesia so special for him. He does this firstly in the way he excels - his stunning photography. Underpinning this is a true naturalist's knowledge of the behavioural patterns of his subjects, the underwater creatures, and a special ability to bring out the best in them for the camera. In addition to this I'm sure you will detect from this book something much deeper, a genuine appreciation of the marvellous underwater places that Michael documents. If you are from "outside", this book will make you itch to visit or re-visit these special reef places.”


The images in ‘Richest Reefs’ represent Michael AW’s finest work, selected from a library of 150,000 images. Encapsulated in a high-quality 180- page portfolio, it will be the benchmark for all future beautiful books of the sea.  Michael AW is also the author of ‘Beneath Bunaken’, ‘METAMORPHOSEA, ‘Celebrate the Sea’, Dreams from the Rainbow Sea’ and the recently released Underwater Jungles- Sarawak. His books have been selected as Gifts of State by the Governments of Indonesia and the Maldives.  No expense will be spared to produce ‘Richest Reefs’.  With the latest six-colour printing technology, the book will be printed on 150 gsm matt art paper in a generous 280cm w x 260cm format – case bound. This book has already been pre-adopted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Republic of Indonesia as official gift for the country.